First of all, we want you to know that we’ve missed you all! For the last few months, we already received some of our guest’s families here at the surf camp, and it was just wonderful to have them back!
We’re so excited to welcome travelers again, under the rules of the new world 2021.

Come hang with us at ProSurf Camp! Since November, our doors are opened again to our international guests and, of course, our national guests.

Things are a bit different, but mostly the same and in some ways much better.
As you may know, Moroccan authorities gave us good news: all foreigners can travel to Morocco again on the presentation of a stamped reservation confirmation from an authorized Moroccan hotel/guest house (which we are able to provide, obviously!).

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The winter here is pretty nice. We are enjoying the sun most of the days, and the weather is warm.
Some of our surf spots are also opened, which means that we can safely welcome you to our beautiful sea view hostel. Our town has been mostly unaffected by COVID and its life is as usual. Things are now quieter around town but that also means that the world-class point breaks are empty! Morocco is one of the safest destinations to travel in this special context.
For joining our camp and enjoying our vibes, you will need to present at the airport:

  • A negative PCR test not older than 72h 
  • Your confirmed hotel/guest house reservation printed (you will get that from us)
  • A valid passport

A lot of airline companies operate now so you can easily book your flights! You can use the website Skyscanner.com, which is really useful to compare prices and check the schedules.

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Surfing is a real mood enhancer! Let’s forget our daily problems and the cold European winter by catching waves under the sun.

Morocco is the world’s best surfing destination for all abilities from total beginner to expert. We are the Moroccan premier surf camp and yoga with a panoramic sea view. We will take care of everything for you so you can spend the maximum time in the water enjoying world-famous surfing spots, in Taghazout bay and Tamraght.

Our surf camp is located in a perfect spot on Taghazout bay, where it is always Glassy and offshore in early mornings somewhere! Every day we take surfing pictures and upload them onto our daily surf report.
We are specialists for total beginners and intermediate improvers, and the waves here are perfect for these levels. In addition, surf spots here are ideally to catch your first green waves, from left-handers to right-handers. Beach breaks and point breaks are perfect for you let’s try them together!

Our local surf instructors will take you to the best surf spots for your level and will help you with positioning and wave selection. If you’re lucky you gonna enjoy our beautiful sunrise or sunset surf sessions, depending on the surf conditions and forecast.

Within this COVID context, we organize only sunrise surf sessions, to avoid the crowd and of course for glassy conditions. Trust us it’s the best way to start a day!

We have years of experience behind us so our team is here for you and we offer all abilities from total beginner to Intermediate-advanced surfers who want to improve their technique. sections.

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          As we all know, surfing makes you very hungry so you’ll be happy that we provide some of the best food to be found anywhere in Morocco. Our Pro Surf chef makes delicious traditional Moroccan meals including tagine, couscous, and a variety of salads. Just the smell will be enough to make your mouth water!

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          2020 has been a hell of a year for everyone. However here we decided to take advantage of these quiet times to improve our surf camp.

Firstly we redesigned our rooms, to make them even more comfortable for you. More colors, more natural elements… Have a look!

Each room has a nice view and offers you a colorful haven where to relax after your surf trip.

We also improved our terraces. Our top rooftop terrace not only provides one of the best views In Morocco but also creates the perfect atmosphere for a sunset. You will also love the post surfing nap in

one of our comfy hammocks.

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Whatever you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, you definitely gonna enjoy the
good vibes of our surf camp, trust us! This place is created to make guests never feel alone, always
have company and make new friends for life.

Sun. waves, good food, and new friends… So what are you waiting for to book your stay?