How to choose your surfboard?

There are different surfboards for different surfing levels from beginners to advanced surfers

Beginners are recommended to start on a soft board with size 8:0 feet or longboard. It provides you with all the stability needed in paddling, catching waves and most of all

balance and have this first turns in your life

Surfboards types

Pro surf Morocco provides a wide variety of surfboards during your stay in our surf camp. We have soft boards for beginners,  but also short boards, long boards and in between models like Mini Malibu and hybrid. 


surfboards types


Between 1,90 and 2,20 m, for a width between 49 and 52 cm.



Shortboards are easier to handle, 

There are between  1,50 and 2,10 m long, for 44 to 49 cm width. They are more slender than longboards and offers more maneuverability but they are not recommended for beginners as they are less stable. It’s the most popular type of surfboard.


The Hybrid surf board mixes the design features from two similar board types. For example the shortboard and the fish or the shortboard and the longboard. The result is a board that for example has more volume, suited for heavier surfers, but still has the ‘feel’ of a shortboard.


Between 1,70 and 1,90 m, for a width between 49 and 52 cm. It’s the easiest board to surf with.

Longboard (or Malibu)

Over 2,75 m long (> 9 pieds), width up to 56 cm.

It’s an heavy and hard to manoeuvre surf board. However, paddling is made easier but it’s quite impossible to make a duck with it to go under the wave.


Between 2.10 and 3m long so you can take off earlier. Not recommended for beginners, they are specific for big waves surfing.