First of all, we want you to know that we’ve missed you all! For the last few months, we already received some of our guest’s families here at the surf camp, and it was just wonderful to have them back!
We’re so excited to welcome travelers again, under the rules of the new world 2021.

Come hang with us at ProSurf Camp! Since November, our doors are opened again to our international guests and, of course, our national guests.

Things are a bit different, but mostly the same and in some ways much better.
As you may know, Moroccan authorities gave us good news: all foreigners can travel to Morocco again on the presentation of a stamped reservation confirmation from an authorized Moroccan hotel/guest house (which we are able to provide, obviously!).


The winter here is pretty nice. We are enjoying the sun most of the days, and the weather is warm.
Some of our surf spots are also opened, which means that we can safely welcome you to our beautiful sea view hostel. Our town has been mostly unaffected by COVID and its life is as usual. Things are now quieter around town but that also means that the world-class point breaks are empty! Morocco is one of the safest destinations to travel in this special context.
For joining our camp and enjoying our vibes, you will need to present at the airport:

  • A negative PCR test not older than 72h 
  • Your confirmed hotel/guest house reservation printed (you will get that from us)
  • A valid passport

A lot of airline companies operate now so you can easily book your flights! You can use the website Skyscanner.com, which is really useful to compare prices and check the schedules.


Surfing is a real mood enhancer! Let’s forget our daily problems and the cold European winter by catching waves under the sun.

Morocco is the world’s best surfing destination for all abilities from total beginner to expert. We are the Moroccan premier surf camp and yoga with a panoramic sea view. We will take care of everything for you so you can spend the maximum time in the water enjoying world-famous surfing spots, in Taghazout bay and Tamraght.

Our surf camp is located in a perfect spot on Taghazout bay, where it is always Glassy and offshore in early mornings somewhere! Every day we take surfing pictures and upload them onto our daily surf report.
We are specialists for total beginners and intermediate improvers, and the waves here are perfect for these levels. In addition, surf spots here are ideally to catch your first green waves, from left-handers to right-handers. Beach breaks and point breaks are perfect for you let’s try them together!

Our local surf instructors will take you to the best surf spots for your level and will help you with positioning and wave selection. If you’re lucky you gonna enjoy our beautiful sunrise or sunset surf sessions, depending on the surf conditions and forecast.

Within this COVID context, we organize only sunrise surf sessions, to avoid the crowd and of course for glassy conditions. Trust us it’s the best way to start a day!

We have years of experience behind us so our team is here for you and we offer all abilities from total beginner to Intermediate-advanced surfers who want to improve their technique. sections.


          As we all know, surfing makes you very hungry so you’ll be happy that we provide some of the best food to be found anywhere in Morocco. Our Pro Surf chef makes delicious traditional Moroccan meals including tagine, couscous, and a variety of salads. Just the smell will be enough to make your mouth water!


          2020 has been a hell of a year for everyone. However here we decided to take advantage of these quiet times to improve our surf camp.

Firstly we redesigned our rooms, to make them even more comfortable for you. More colors, more natural elements… Have a look!

Each room has a nice view and offers you a colorful haven where to relax after your surf trip.

We also improved our terraces. Our top rooftop terrace not only provides one of the best views In Morocco but also creates the perfect atmosphere for a sunset. You will also love the post surfing nap in

one of our comfy hammocks.


Whatever you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, you definitely gonna enjoy the
good vibes of our surf camp, trust us! This place is created to make guests never feel alone, always
have company and make new friends for life.

Sun. waves, good food, and new friends… So what are you waiting for to book your stay?



The Mental Health Benefits of Surfing,  surfing makes you feel euphoric. when there’s a wave, there’s a way to have fun but – is it actually any good for your health? take a deep dive into the science and philosophy behind the pleasure.

Physical Health


Paddling out against waves is no easy feat, it requires a tremendous amount of physical fitness. Consistent paddling gets the cardiovascular muscle pumping hard whilst using the muscles in your shoulders, back, arms, and buttocks. It’s certainly a workout! When you train your body to the point of being out of breathing overtime this lowers your blood pressure & resting heart rate, which decreases your risk of heart attacks, stroke, and other diseases whilst keeping you fit and healthy! Surfing is a great way to add a healthy dose of cardio into your life.  


Functional movements such as the single shoulder dislocate movement that is carried out whilst paddling through waves, strengthens the arms and the shoulders. It is a repetitive movement that contributes to the overall tone and strength of the deltoid, pectoral, and rotator cuff. The supine position used whilst lying face down on the board subtly engages the lumbar muscles which work to strengthen the back as a whole. Having a strong back leads to better stability, flexibility, and endurance – essential for surfing. sections.


Leg strength is another benefit of surfing, think of an hour session as the equivalent of a session of squat jumps/burpees. You are constantly changing levels from, chest pressed to the floor, to fully extended whilst in a standing squat. This contributes wildly to leg strengthening exercises, and can match any “big leg day” you had planned for the gym. Abdominal muscles are used to stabilize you in a solid position whilst lying, sitting, and standing on the board. Your balance comes entirely from your core, and this part of your body is being worked during all stages of a surf session. backyard!


Remember that feeling when you were a child of the wind in your hair as you flew high on the swings, running through puddles in your wellies, and rolling in fallen autumn leaves in the park with your family. Breathing in fresh clean air helps to combat stress, low mood, and fatigue. the area!


According to various government health sources, the exact figure is hard to land on. On average a 180-pound person surfing for 30- 60 minutes can burn as many as 130 to 260 calories. This depends on the intensity of the session. Battling through dumpy sets is much for taxing on the body, that paddling out at ease and catching smooth, clean, green waves. Regardless of the figure the benefits of getting out there, massively outweigh the alternative of sitting on your bum!atmosphere.


Your physic stays trim with regular surf training, its a constant resistance training exercise as you use your own body weight. Paddling strength is hard to replicate in a gym or at home, so the best way to tone up your arms, bum, legs, and back muscles is to paddle whenever possible! All the pros train on flat water days by just paddling without waves. Start by doing 20 minutes paddling in one direction and back. l season.


Regular submergence in cold water has been cited as having an incredible benefit on the body. It promotes a feeling of invigoration due to the release of stress hormones. Coldwater pressure is hugely anti-inflammatory and can ease tension, headaches, and pain. Hence why we’re always being told to bathe injuries in ice. Coldwater is rumored to heighten your body per-disposed metabolic rate, as the temperature of the water forces the body to heat up at a much faster rate than normal, switching on the fire and burning calories.
Note: (Please be warned of the effects of cold shock – which can be fatal. See link in references.)and length.


The vitamin D you get from being out in the sun is essential for strong bones, as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Being deficient in Vitamin D can lead to low energy, low mood, and fatigue. Being out in the fresh air and the natural sunlight regulates your circadian rhythm and releases happy hormones. Delightful! the left.


Being outside increases melatonin which, hand in hand with your circadian rhythm helps you maintain a healthy sleep pattern, eg, falling asleep faster and promoting more restful sleep. Physical exercise also helps you sleep due to physical exhaustion, helping you fall asleep faster, for longer, and gets you into a deeper sleep as your body needs to repair the muscles worked from the day before. Being outside, being colder than usual, and facing the elements and being tumbled by waves requires energy, this will make you feel an energized version of depleted by the evening. Enjoy your evening meal and take it slow with a warming cup of tea. surf spots


The most appraised benefit of surfing is the quality of your overall body balance. Without balance and agility, you would not be able to remain standing on the surfboard. Enhanced balance is a functional movement that is vital for everyday function, ie, bike riding, standing up straight using your core, skateboarding, yoga, standing a particularly wobbly tube!out area!!


Better levels of flexibility enable for fluid surfing and also aids in the prevention of injuries both on and off the surfboard. You are situated mostly in a straddle position, this transposes into frog pose in ashtanga yoga, which widely opens the hip ball and socket, increasing movement and freedom around the joint. The motion used by your shoulders (overhead then down by your side) is what is called “shoulder dislocates” in sports such as gymnastics and Crossfit. This motion helps to lubricate the joint and allow for an easier range of movement if practiced over time. Have you ever noticed your initial overhead paddle strokes of the session are stiffer compared to being on the water for 20 minutes? s working!


Here’s a fun fact. Surfing in Morocco makes you starving. ‘Hank Marvin’ kind of starving. Being in the water is a calorie burner, especially for long periods of time. Your body has to adapt differently to what it’s used to on land, it has to balance itself constantly to stop you toppling over, it has to maintain your head a level above water for obvious reasons, and be constantly on the lookout for threats (big waves, scary sea creatures, other surfers, the location of your board) whilst keeping your body at a constant core temperature that the water will be trying to adapt. All these inner computing requires energy. Energy comes from our food. You’re more than likely going to need the correct amount to fuel your sport. What a great excuse to eat properly! Vegetables like sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and beans are all full of protein to nourish the fibers of your muscles and give you enough gusto to get through a session. Eat 30 minutes after surfing to avoid feeling sluggish and overly exhausted. breaks in


Saltwater is a natural exfoliant, it detoxes the face of pollutants gained from products, chemicals, and pollution derived from the city dwelling. The salt also acts as an exfoliant to the scalp and hair, effectively naturally cleansing from root to tip. Everyone loves salty beach babe’s hair! Don’t buy it in a bottle, get in the sea. Seaweed and saltwater are used in most blemish fighting skincare, so going directly to the source gives your face a healthy dose of natural cleansing.

surfing morocco

4 REASONS WHY Friend and Solo Surf Trip IS THE WAY TO GO!


Friends Surfcamp Morocco. Whether you are traveling for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, Friends travel has many benefits that should be considered for your next Surf holiday in Morocco. Here are 4 reasons why Solo or Friends Smaller Group is the way to go from the inside perspective of a Group Leader herself.


        Maybe you are working long hours, have a stressful job, or let’s be real, you’re feeling a bit lazy when it comes to finding time to plan and organize your entire holiday with Pro Surf Morocco can save you hours (and I mean HOURS!) of planning and research- both before and during your Surf trip. First of all, it saves you the headache of booking your own accommodation, which is the part of Surf Camp all Included that takes the longest but also a very important part of any trip. Especially during your holiday, reading review after review, comparing prices, and trying to figure out just how far away you will actually be staying from the city and beach center is the last thing you’ll want to do. If you book through Our Website, your itinerary, activities, and schedule are already planned, so all you need to do is book your flights, pack your bags, and wet, ENJOY! Life Time SurfCamp In Morocco Marokko 

surfing morocco


         I know the drill…you find an amazing Surf destination, you ask for the time off, but you can’t get a Single friend from back home to come with you no matter how many Instagram-worthy travel photos or blog posts you send their way. Traveling alone can be daunting and our Home away from home is the perfect way to take the leap and get on a surfing adventure with the assurance you will have a group of new friends waiting for you once you arrive at our surf house. Pro Surf Morocco is also perfect for couples or groups of friends who still want to branch out and meet more travelers without the hassle of booking everything for themselves. our surf experience, travel friends are friends and adventure buddies for LIFE and I am certain you will walk away already planning your next adventure with your new group mates.



          It’s like when you go to a new restaurant and ask the waiter to recommend the best dish on the menu…when you sign up to Brahim or his Pro Surf Team you are getting firsthand tips and recommendations from someone who knows what they’re talking about, something you won’t get if you try to go at it alone. Surf guides are experienced, qualified leaders whose job is to provide you with an unforgettable itinerary, complete with expert tips, hidden gems, and local Moroccans Food spots that the average tourist would never know about and we also recommend our guests to eat at our surf camp Karima sister of Brahim excellence chief. Your Host will be able to answer all of your questions from “where is the nearest pharmacy” to “what’s the best place for a local thinks you can get” and everything in between. They will be with you every step of the way to make sure you leave your surf Vacation with more than just the “tourist” experience and make the most out of your surfing holiday! I might be a bit biased but usually, with Moroccans People will be TONS OF FUN!


          You are experiencing new sights, tastes smell, and surf activities, as well as a completely new culture in Morocco. Every day you will be a little bit outside of your comfort zone, navigating language barriers, trying new things, and adjusting to different climates and time zones. With the support and friendship of your surf Group and surf guide leader, there is no doubt you will leave your Surf trip with broadened horizons, a more open mind, and an understanding and compassion for people who did not grow up in the same place you did. You will leave this trip with a thousand new surf memories, stories to share, and a desire to start booking your next surfing trip because traveling really is the best!

        Pro Surf Morocco & Yoga Surf Camp is beneficial for SO many reasons. It will save you the stress of planning when you book through our surf camp. Also, you will be set up to experience the country to its fullest and your surf tour guide will make sure you are making the best memories with your new mates from all over this world to meet up in Morocco Marokko…

What to Expect at Your First Surf Camp Lessons in Morocco Aagadir Taghazoutbay

What to Expect at Your First Surf Camp Lessons in Morocco Agadir Taghazoutbay?

surfing in Morocco is really for everyone? Hear what’s to expect from your first lessons with our surf team at Pro Surf Morocco from one of our newcomers, now turned surfing fan.

Fall down tow times, stand up eight: What to expect from your first surf lesson

        09:00 in the morning we have to be ready for the surf lesson with our surf school in Taghazoutbay Tamraght It’s depending on surf conditions sometime early surf sessions, the first signs of daylight are here. is starting to wake up. While we pack and start driving to the beach of this day, the sun is rising. Everyone is still sleepy, but once we get to Moroccans Beaches most of us are getting excited. The surf guides coach to hand out the Pro Surf Morocco t-shirts and we’re wondering what’s to expect from our first surf lesson.
Since there are 6 days of surf school, the group is divided into five. Me and seven others are trying surfing for the very first time today, we get three instructors to guide our small group of beginner surfers. One of them tells us that we have to ask all the questions that come to our mind. “Think of us as your friends and family, we are here to help you and make your day !” 

Catch the first wave

          Getting to know all the ins and outs of surfing in Morocco, practicing with the boards on the shore with sandy beaches, and then it’s time to finally get in the water. After warming up and paddling in the sand like crazy it’s nice to finally touch the cool Moroccan salty water. First, we just lay on our boards, feel the waves, learn how to paddle and balance our body in this surfboard, But now, it’s time to catch a wave while trying to stand and feel this speed. After practicing on the sand, I feel like I can stand up easily. I could not have been more wrong. It looks easier than it is, guys. You need a lot of strength in your arms and finding your balance can be very hard. I am starting to regret skipping the gym for all those months and why didn’t learn early but it’s never late to learn

Commitment is key

          After falling a hundred times, not standing upright, or not even being able to stand up on the board at all, I am getting a little less excited about my surfing adventure in Moroccan cost. I’m the only one in my group not catching waves yet and I’m almost ready to accept that I just don’t have any talent for surfing. I feel like a small whale lying on a surfboard not being able to move. But the Pro Surf Team and Surf guides keep patients and motivate me to keep trying. And it turns out: Commitment is key. After a while, I catch one wave after another. This is even more fun than I thought it would be!
Everyone is playing around, there is room for jokes. It’s not only about surfing, but also just being in the water and making new friends and a new culture is already a lot of fun. For these kinds of vibes, I could get up at 5 AM (almost) every morning waiting for me surfing journey to start

         The easiest board to learn on is a soft-top board, and an 8-foot size is the best for all ages depending on weight and speed of your body and mind, Burt says. The thicker and longer the board, the easier it is to paddle, stand up, and balance on. It makes sense: The more surface area you have, the wider your legs can be to balance. There are a variety of different boards your instructor might put you on, depending on where you are, but it will likely be taller than you.

        If you are not sure if surfing is for you but please give it a try anyway. Believe me, the first time I have seen surfers on the beach I fell in love with it, I don’t even know it about it at all, is able to catch some waves after her first lesson, you are as well. You won’t regret it for a second and you will benefit a lot from it. our surf school in morocco teaches beginners and intermediate surf levels open all year round and we can’t wait to welcome you again soon.

The Surf And Yoga in Morocco BY Pro Surf Morocco SurfCamp

The Surf And Yoga in Morocco

Pro Surf Camp is now offering yoga and surf lessons.

The main pillars of this old Indian tradition comprise body control, breathing techniques, and concentration – all things that are essential for surfing.

The weekly yoga sessions at the Pro Surf Camp in Morocco are specially tuned to what the surfer needs and are held either on our sea-view terrace before taking to the surf or after, or at sundown at the Camp with this beautiful view.

For beginners level who wants to learn for the first time, yoga improves their sense of balance, mobility, and simply the ability to wind down after a strenuous day’s surfing. An extra plus is the strengthening of muscles specifically needed for surfing and after a full day of adventure.

For Intermediate-advanced surfers, yoga helps develop better body awareness and concentration while surfing. This target of holistic harmony through sheer relaxation becomes a physical and mental source of energy which can only improve your surfing.

At the latest after your fourth soaking or on a tube ride, you’re sure to realize it was a good idea to learn the right breathing techniques with yoga!

Next to surfing, we also offer yoga classes in our camp. From Hatha Yoga to Yin Yoga and from Dynamic Vinyasa to Pranayama: our instructor Daphne can teach you about all the different aspects of Yoga. We will give you a head start and tell you a bit more about the kinds of yoga we practice at our surf camp in morocco.

Yin Yoga

       Yin Yoga is a softer version of the physical movement that we know as yoga. It’s based on postures that are relaxing for the nervous system and the mind. Instead of aiming to raise your energy level as in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga focusses on opening the body slowly through long-held poses, deep breathing, and stretching.


          Pranayama is control of breath. Prana is breath or vital energy in the body. With Pranayama yoga you do breathing exercises that clear the physical and emotional obstacles in your body to free your breath and flow your energy. This kind of yoga has the effect of energizing, relaxing, and healing the body, letting everything fall into place. Literally it is an increase and balance of life energy in your system.

Hatha Yoga

        Hatha yoga is about balancing the body and mind. This is probably the branch of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think about yoga in general. A Hatha class will involve a set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practiced a bit more slowly, and with more static posture holds than for example Vinyasa. Hatha Yoga can be good for stress management, emotional health and anxiety, and depression. 

Slow flow

          Slow Flow yoga classes help you to find space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga class. This kind of yoga is actually a combination of Vinyasa and Hatha. Slow flow is, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise, a bit slower and calmer. This kind of yoga is nice for beginners as the tempo is quite relaxed.


         With Inversion Yoga, you take poses where the heart is higher from the ground than the head. Think off poses like Supported Shoulder Stand a Downward Facing Dog. This kind of yoga can sound a bit scary but believe us, there’s an inversion for every level in yoga. This kind of yoga gives your heart a rest, stimulates your lymphatic system, and improves circulation.

Dynamic Vinyasa

        In Dynamic Vinyasa all the poses run together in a smooth way. This means you go into one pose to another without taking a break in between which gives you a good workout. You can call this style kind of umbrella for many other kinds of yoga.

Besides this, we have meditation classes, a special stretching for surfers lesson, arm balance, and a deepen your practice exercise.

So not only you’ll become a great surfer while staying in our guests House, but you will also learn all the ins and outs about yoga. Find your zen with us in one of our Pro surf camps. .

17 best surf spots Waves Finder in agadir tamraght taghazout morocco

Surfing in Agadir Tamraght and TaghazoutBay Surf Spots Morocco

Deep in the heart of North Africa Morocco, there is a fishing village called Tamraght Village and Taghazoutbay and Just north of Agadir City. Which comes alive each winter with the sound of pounding pointbreaks Reed Breaks and surf banter. Perfect For All surf levels Surf spots for Beginners and Intermediate Surfers to learn to enjoy Great Surfing Holidays with Endless Summer sunshine. It’s a beautiful place with a rich Berber and Arabic culture to add to the magic.

TaghazoutBay is the premium surfing destination of Morocco surfing spots for advanced and also Pro Surfers All over this world, like Anchor Point.

Anchor Point is a delicious right point break that looks easier than you think. Around Taghazout, there are many other spots where you can surf. For each level. These breaks are in the immediate area (= walking distance) from Tamraght or Taghazout banana village


        This is probably the most famous Moroccan surf spot due to its clean lines and consistency on all tides. It starts working at about 3ft and holds up to 15ft. This surf break is a mix of sand and reef bottom with 3 different sections where you can go for cover-ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 300m to 500m. It’s definitely a “To Do” wave at Pro Surf Morocco 


          One of Morocco’s best point break and considered the most consistent of all the point breaks in the Taghazout area. This 300m long wave has a lot to offer from speed sections, bowl sections, and barrels. During low tide on small swells, the waves start at the north end of the cliff and it provides a short left and sectioning right. When the swell picks up, vertical walls provide barrels and very hollow sections.
It can be a long paddle if the tide is not low enough to walk along the cliff to get to the first sections.


          This is an accessible and funny wave to ride for all surfers, especially on rising and falling tides. Small reef sections combining with sandy sections provide a clean wave of about 50m to 150m. Its name comes from freshwater springs bubbling up from onshore rock formations. This point is right in front of La Source Surf Camp & Surf School. Put up your wetsuit and paddle to the lineup right from the backyard!


          This is one of another world-class right-hander just 110m north of Anchor Point, on the next beach stretch. The take-off zone is on a reef break and is fairly more accessible than some other points in the area. On its good days, it can reach about 260m long with barrels but it cannot handle a very large swell – it closes out over 2m.
Mysteries can get hollow and fast though as well, suitable for intermediates and advanced surfers. One of the most fun and rippable waves in the area!


         Panoramas is a right-hander, with a sand bottom that breaks on a big beach.
This makes it the perfect spot for beginners, but only during high tide.
When it’s more than 5 ft, Panorama’s can be a very fast and barreling when the swell and the winds take the right direction. Then it becomes a good break for intermediate to advanced surfers.
There’s always a good atmosphere on this beach as well because a lot of people chose this place to soak up some sun and surf the Moroccan waves in a friendly atmosphere.


         Right next to Banana Pointbreak, this spot can be crowded because of its consistency and proximity to the village. Although there’s plenty of room to spread out or just avoid rush hours and you can get some fun surf sessions.… It’s a perfect break for all levels, and one of the favorites for surf teaching, since it offers a big diversity of waves from rights on low tide, left and right on high tide. It holds up perfectly till 1,5m.
This wave is a beach break, but under the sand, there are rocks occasionally according to the swell season.


          Banana Point is located near the village of Aourir, also called Banana village due to the many banana plantations that are grown in the river bed facing the spot.
It’s a long right-hander point break with no current ideal for all levels!
Sometimes you might get surprised by its quality and length.

The Kms

          These spots were given their names in km by the distance they are from Agadir.
Km11 is one of the few lefts on the Taghazoutbay area (good news for goofy!). On its good days, you’ll get a hollow take off with a little barrel section on a reef to end up with a fun section on the beach.
Km 12 is a reef break that breaks as an A-frame with a perfect left and right. It has an entire reef bottom, but deep enough and slow waves to be a good spot for intermediate surfers. Km 12 can hold a decent size swell and is more consistent than km 11. It’s a good spot for starting to work on your first cuties on the left. The right-hander really has more walls and is not as easy as the left.


          Anza in Central Morocco is a fairly exposed beach break and reef Breaks that has fairly consistent surf. Winter is the favored time of year for surfing here and in the summertime, we offer surf lessons these waves are perfect for beginners and intermediate surf level. Offshore winds are from the northeast. Tends to receive distant groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the northwest. The beach breaks consist of rights. Even when there are waves, it’s not likely to be crowded. The water quality here is rather suspect. Anza has 5 different surf breaks from the right and left-handers from beach and reef surf spots


          A shipwreck gave the name to this break, where you can see the boiler of a boat at the start of the wave. This is probably the trickiest and spectacular break around, often visited by pro photographers for the intensity of pictures taken!
Recommended for experienced surfers due to its very strong and fast right-hander that ends up onto a strong shallow reef. The wave can have tubular sections if it’s more than 6 ft and it can reach up to 400m long, but better be fast if you want to connect all the sections there.
Don’t venture if you are not sure about what you are doing or if you’re not with a local Pro Surf Morocco guide to tell you where the sea urchins are or where to get in the water. Still, get ready to hurry across the reef on your way out before the next set hits.
After all, said, it’s well worth it and one of the most exciting waves in the Taghazout area!!


          Unlike most of the other breaks, this one is well known for its inconsistency and strong currents. Therefore, it’s normally empty! Though, it is famous for the endless right-hander and offshore winds that can really produce a perfect wave! Just like the majority of the other points in the area, it’s a point break that breaks at low tide and starts working at 4 ft and holds up to 500m long. If you want to ride it just ask our instructors the time to do it. We know when it’s working!


         Sharp vertical rocks like vampire’s teeth give its name to this point break, one of the most demanding for advanced surfers. Prepare yourself for a tricky paddle out and in.
With a northerly big swell, Dracula’s can be one of the most perfect point breaks in


         This is a well know spot just because it is located right in the middle of the village of TaghazoutBay. Hash Point got its name over people being lazy from smoking too much so that wouldn’t be bothered to walk up to Anchor Point.
What was once a perfect point break, now its bottom got covered with sand and became a fast right-hander working well with a medium to large swell when the sand lines up well off the rocks. Though it’s still fun and easy for beginners which makes it a favorite spot for schools to hit the lineup.
The fact is that because it is in the center of Taghazout means that it is so easy to reach and that you will always find yourself having a relaxed session on it.


        Tamri Beach is the most consistent surf spot ever. When it’s flat everywhere else, we make the drive north till Tamri. Even in summertime, it’s where the local surfers from the Area of TaghazoutBay and Agadir can still get some fun surf. If the sandbanks are good, Tamri can be a pretty good beach break as well. But most of all, it works on different tides, depending on the sandbanks and on the swell. Very reliable and appropriate to all levels.
Besides all that, it’s truly a wonderful spot, an estuary home to camels and flamingos.


        This is the most popular spot of Imessouane. The sandbanks make it perfect for beginners. The surf here is best at low tide, with a right-handed break that starts at the harbor and ends at the hills for a 600 meters ride!
Our surf guides are local surfers with precise knowledge of the swell, tides, winds, and bottoms ready to take you directly to the most appropriate spot for you.
This area has been one of the major surfing destinations for both experienced and beginner surfers from all around the world because of its well-known swell consistency and perfect waves discovered in the ’60s by America GIs from the military base of Kenitra. The best surfing season in Morocco is during the Wintertime, from September until April due to the bigger swells caused by the storms on the North Atlantic Ocean.


       Starting on a beach break with several rights and left peaks, and ends on a reef which provides a perfect break (left-handed). Good at high tide or mid-high tide when the swell is less than 5/6 feet, and the point at low tide when the swell is over 5 feet.

All Year round Surf destinations are the best period to surf in Morocco. With September October November December, January, and February March April May being the pick of the months Of this Pro Surfers. Summertime is also surfable Openly exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s coast receives an abundance of northwest-to-north swell up to 5 meters during these months. The Northwest-facing coast around Casablanca and Rabat receives more swell than the southwest-facing points as Anchor Point near Agadir Tamraght and Taghazoutbay

Ultimate Surf Morocco

 Learn to surf in Morocco Marokko all year round for Beginners and Intermediate Level 1and 2



Ultimate Surf Morocco
Ultimate Surf Morocco,Improve your surf & make memories for life. Book an amazing surfing adventure Morocco Marokko package start from €149,00/wk
Ultimate Surf Season in Morocco. The best all-year-round surf season in Morocco for beginners and intermediate. Morocco welcomes you all year round. 
The waves are playful and the perfect size to learn or improve your surfing skills. Most of the surf spots have empty line-ups with beautiful beach breaks and we drive north or south along the coast for  swells and the best waves. The surfing areas of Agadir,
taghazout and tamraght are all nearby. 
Whether you want to learn to surf for the first time or have surfed before, we highly recommend Morocco for your summer surf holiday.  

11klm, 12klm, Banana beach, Crocro beach  (10 minutes (Right   Hand and left-handers Point Break Sandy beach )
Panoramas (20 minute ) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)
Camel beach  (20 minute ) (Right & Left Hand Point Sand & Rock Bottom)
(20 Minute 20) (Slab onto Sandy Bottom)
Anza beach  (20 Minute 20) (Small Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)
Agadir beach breaks  ( Minute 20) (Inside Point Right Hander Sandy Bottom)
Tamri beach  (45Minute Drive) (Right & Left Slab onto Closeout Beach Break)
Banana Point (5 Minute Drive) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)
Devils Rock (5 Minute Drive) (Beach Break Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)

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Ultimate Surf Morocco

The Season starts in late September and lasts up till April. It has its peak between December and April, when the big winter swells from the North Atlantic hit Moroccan shores and help reef breaks form. With this, the Moroccan coast starts pumping with endless, perfect, magic right handers breaks to ride.
This is the season that attracts more experienced surfers from all over the World, especially Europe, wishing to surf Morocco’s barreling waves in all Moroccan areas, north or south. This is a great season to visit our surfcamp or surf school.
September and October are normally great all along the coast, when the first winter swells arrive and usually have no wind, but if onshore or offshore, advanced or pro surfers can surf any wind direction.


Anza beach  (20 minute  (Right Hand and left handlers Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)

K11 and K 12 (5Minute Drive) (Right & Left Slab onto Closeout Beach Break)
Banana Point (5 Minute Drive) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)

Devils Rock (5 Minute Drive) (Beach Break Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)

Killer Point (20 minute  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom

La source (20 minute  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom

Mysteries (20 minute  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom

Anchor Point (20 minute  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)

Dracula (45min  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)

Boilers (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)

Sharkey  (45min  (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)

Panoramas (20 minute ) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)

Killer Point (20 minute ) (Right & Left Hand Point Sand & Rock Bottom)

Mysteries (20 Minute 20) (Slab onto Sandy Bottom)

Hash Point (20 Minute 20) (Small Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)

Inside Anchors ( Minute 20) (Inside Point Right Hander Sandy Bottom)

K11 (45Minute Drive) (Right & Left Slab onto Closeout Beach Break)

Banana Point (5 Minute Drive) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)

Devils Rock (5 Minute Drive) (Beach Break Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)


Ultimate Surf Morocco

More Information about our surf camp please visit our surf package and safe up 15% discount for summer vacation available for all our packages

Training For Surfing | Pro Surf Morocco | How To Prepare for Peace Sport

Training For Surfing | Pro Surf Morocco | How To Prepare for Peace Sport

Training For Surfing, is simply the most enjoyable thing you can do to get fit and stay in shape. You don’t have to do any preparation in order to come to Our Surf Camp in Morocco and have a lot of fun surfing with us though. We teach people surfing and Moroccan Culture from 16 to 70, some of whom do not do a stroke of exercise and it’s not even a problem if you can’t swim either.

Having said that, like all sports the better shape you’re in the further you can progress before fitness becomes a limiting factor When you surf, you feel stronger, fitter and happier, and with a good training program you can make the most these health benefits.


crawl catch phase

You can have a lot of fun surfing in waist deep water (level 1 surfing) but eventually you’ll want to paddle out and that’s wh

en the swimmers have an advantage. The nice thing about swimming is that you’ll get really good at it really quickly.

Get to your local pool a couple of times a week in the month leading up to your trip and the pay off will be huge. If you’ve never done any swimming before here’s how to get started. The stroke you need is front crawl (freestyle). Find someone who can watch you do a few lengths and give you pointers on your technique or have a few lessons. On Day 1 you may be exhausted after one length but don’t worry,

that’s normal. Day 2 you’ll be able to do two or three laps before you have to stop and after a few weeks you’ll be able to do 15 or 20 which is fantastic. Don’t worry about what time you’re doing each length in, it’s much more about settling into a nice rhythm, rather than sprinting along.





It’s great if you can spend sometime longboarding (on a skateboard), like this. It’s unbelievably helpful for your surfing but you must make sure that you are standing with your back knee dropped in towards your front knee (like you see them exaggerating 29 seconds in on this great little film by Original Skateboards).

Getting comfortable with that back knee position really is the key to a good surfing stance. Don’t worry about trying to perform tricks, just cruise along getting comfortable in that counter-intuitive stance, with your back knee dropped in. Do make sure that you are wearing wrist guards however however however as falling heavily on your hand is a common injury.




Flexibility often ends up being a limiting factor in many people’s surfing, especially over
40s. So a stretching regime is important. Being under (or overly) flexible can also cause injuries. The philosophy behind yoga isn’t for everyone and you need to be skeptical of some of the health claims and physiological mechanisms proposed in yoga classes, but regular yoga is a great way to increase mobility. Seated rotational poses will give you the flexibility in your trunk to help you bring your feet underneath your body, and the flexibility in your legs will come from practicing “Down Dog”, which is great for stretching out the achilles, back of the knees and hamstrings.

Learn To Surf In Morocco & beginners and intermediate & Pro Surf School

Surfing Lessons Morocco

Surfing Lessons Morocco

Surfing Lessons Morocco Learn to surf or improve your skills If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfers,this is your opportunity to learn how to surf in 5 days!

Surf lessons are intended for anyone who wants to try the first surf experience and their first waves in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Learn To Surf Package
Surfing Lessons Morocco,Learn to surf or improve your skills in our surfcamp If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfers choose the best Pro Surf Morocco

Beginners and intermediate classes

Surf lessons are intended for anyone who wants to try the first surf experience and their first waves in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Our experienced surf instructors at Pro Surf Morocco team are here to help everyone find their feet and ride their first waves.

and we guarantee safe learning with a focus on fun! Every lesson is daily programmed according to your surf level and weather conditions and forecast Our team will make sure that you’ll find the best swell conditions to
your surfing needs and level beginners to intermediate surfers Every student has own place for surf surfing
with different surf spots from beach breaks to friendly reef breaks endless right handers left handers to surf this first green waves there’s always a safe place for beginners.

waves for everyone

Total fun guaranteed! If this is the right pack for you, now choose your option and book your next flight and visit your home far away from home
  it’s never  late to start surfing or learn to surf in Morocco beautiful  country full of friendly waves and beautiful beaches for solo travelers with friends couples or Let your kids convince you and you’ll get an unforgettable yoga and surfing experience


There are different surfboards for different surfing levels from beginners to advanced surfers

Beginners are recommended to start on a soft board with size 8:0 feet or longboard. It provides you with all the stability needed in paddling, catching waves and most of all

balance and have this first turns in your life

Choose Your Level

Intermediate surfers can opt from a much wider range of options including the traditional short boards, fish surfboards and fun boards.
It’s always good to experiment several of them before you decide which one to take our surf equipment are made from Torq from europe suitable your level with different tails all equipment is included an
our instructors know exactly the kind of board and wetsuit to give you according to your skills and weather conditions.
Your height will determine the length of your surfboard.
For a beginner the rule is to go for a surfboard that is about 1 foot longer than your height.
As you become more experienced with catching waves and standing up on your surfboard,
you will feel like reduction in length.

This will provide you with an easier surfboard to manoeuvre allowing you to begin learning how to carve along the wave face.

Surf and Yoga at the surf camp in south Morocco

Pro Surf Morocco Surf & Yoga Camp near Taghazout Bay

Surf Yoga Morocco, Pro Surf Morocco Welcome to the No1 Surf Camp Morocco. the Atlantic Ocean is scattered with beautiful beaches with perfect waves from beach breaks and reef breaks for beginners to advanced surfers. for all these reasons our surf camp and school benefit from an international reputation. 

We are lucky to get around 300 sunny days a year. Many surf spots can be found on the Moroccan coast. This makes it easier to find the perfect waves  for all levels of surfers we have 3 different groups from beginners to intermediate that we make sure our guests to improve their surf skills at Pro Surf Morocco Surf Camp in Morocco

We are located in Tamraght. It is a quiet surfer -village behind the famous surf spot „Devil’s Rock“. The village offers you a few oriental shops, bakeries and cafés. that makes our Surf Camp Morocco a really pleasant place to stay.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, we guarantee you an unforgettable Surf Holidays!