If you go to Learn surfing in Morocco, you will find yourself in a true sou surfers fairy tale. However, the world-class waves for Beginners and Intermediate, and perfect point breaks for advanced surfers are not made-up stories, but a wonderful reality! Brahim Habib Allah from surf school morocco has been traveling to the West African coastal state for surfing trips and surf competition for 2014 to explore Moroccan coastline and motherland home with 100 surf spots you can surf

13 reasons why surfing in Morocco is one of your surf travel Dreams

  • 1. There are really world-class waves in Morocco for all surf levels
  • 2. Morocco enchants with exciting culture and great people to meet
  • 3. Surfing in Morocco goes on any budget Europeans and Africans
  • 4. Morocco is the perfect and close destination for a winter and summer surf Holidays
  • 5. Morocco attracts with the surf hotspot Agadir TaghazoutBay Tamraght long cost and waves
  • 6. Morocco is perfect for learning and improving all levels
  • 7. You will have the best sunrise and sunsets session of your life
  • 8. There is plenty to do in Morocco, even when it’s flat and there is no surf happening
  • 9. Morocco is a safe country for everyone, even for women traveling alone and solo travelers
  • 10. In Morocco, you can surf for all beginners and intermediate
  • 11 Moroccans People speaks must of languages
  • 12 Moroccan Food, specialties tajine, and couscous yummy
  • 13 Moroccan vegetable Fruits orange juice
  • 14 Riding a wave is a breathless experience
  • 15 Oceans have a positive impact on human health
  • 16 The best way to forget your daily problems Morocco

Salam Alaykum Brahim a few words, how and why have you have chosen to settle in Morocco?

Like a lot of surfers, we hit the road for several years and we wanted to find a place, without being at the other end of the world, not too far from Europe.
After a few rounds on the world map, our research values focused on Morocco where we at least felt all these good vibrations.
The climate around here is permanent spring, friendly, welcoming, and helpful people. We are close from Agadir, a city where you can find everything you want, French is a spoken language throughout, Cooking is fabulous, culture is rich in color and marked by different events in the history of art, and of course, you can find a variety of amazing waves in warm water throughout the year. sections.