Tamraght is a Moroccan Berber village located 15 km north of Agadir, between Aourir and Taghazout, at the edge of the Atlantic, known for having the best surf spots in the region of Agadir. The beaches have remained wild and very popular with tourists, the Tamraght beach is called Imourann.
The surf camp location is one of the highest in the city. The surf camp is 4 stories high and boasts 2 sea-facing terraces, both with beautiful views across the whole of Tamraght. The two rooftop terraces offer panoramic views of the Atlantic, creating the perfect place to chill and watch the sun set over the ocean after a great day’s surfing. Our guests are typically stunned by the views when first arriving to the camp. When not in the ocean, most guests can be found relaxing on 1 of the 2 terraces where tea and cake is served after dinner.
Our surf camp’s bedrooms offer a rustic and cozy charm. They feature traditional Berber décor, with vibrant rugs, woven textiles, and ornate decorations adding a touch of local flair. The rooms are designed for comfort and relaxation where guests can unwind after a day of surfing. Expect comfortable, traditional furnishings and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of Morocco’s Berber culture.

The camp has 14 bedrooms, which come in a variety of configurations.
We have 2 dorms rooms with 4 beds in both.
2 triple rooms.
10 double rooms, 4 of which have en-suite bathrooms (toilet and shower).
& 4 single rooms.

There are 8 communal bathrooms.

Surfing makes you very hungry so you’ll be happy that we provide some of the best food to be found anywhere in Morocco. Our Pro Surf chef makes delicious traditional Moroccan meals including tagine, couscous, and a variety of salads. Just the smell will be enough to make your mouth water! Guests are stunned by the quality and variety of food that we serve. Karima, our chef, deeply cares about her food and wants you to enjoy every meal that she prepares you. All dietary requirements are happily catered for.
Our food is served around a beautiful large table which brings all of our guests together in a family style atmosphere. We surf together and eat together
Our rooftop terrace not only provides one of the best views in the area, but it also creates the perfect atmosphere for a sunset yoga session to relax tired muscles after a day’s surf. Our yoga take place on our highest terrace which allows our yoga sessions to go undisturbed by other guests. When not being used for yoga, The top terrace offers hammocks for our guests to relax in. And there is a seating area which overlooks the village and ocean. Our tooftop terrace also comes equipped with a BBQ which is used weekly.
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