Surf School Morocco

Our Surf School in Morocco is the heart of our company and surf camp where it all began in 2013. Since then we have also founded a Surf house that trains their guests for their holiday and introduced thousands of people to the joy of learning how to surf in these areas of Agadir Tamraght Taghazout.
We take pride in the quality lessons of our lessons and combine the fun side of learning this great sport with techniques to help further progression and experience it is a great way with perfect surf spots on the coastline.
1-day surf lessons for beginners and intermediate with us includes the following

  • 2h x Surf lesson/day (2h free surf sessions in the afternoon)
  • High-quality surf equipment for Full day
  • Tuition with certified surf instructors
  • Packed Lunch on the beach 

Beginner-level first time or 1 week before the experience

  • Safety rules
  • Bodysurf
  • Stand up techniques
  • Proper surfing position
  • Frontside and backside turning
  • The simple element of ocean knowledge

The white water/ broken waves or smaller green waves are the best environments to learn and improve quickly. You shouldn’t head for the green waves if you’re not confident with the above techniques. Remember: be a beginner; with Less than 1 week of surf courses!

Lesson format: morning and afternoon lessons (2 hours each) or one single 3-hour session (depending on the conditions). Board, wetsuit, lunch, and transport included during the lesson.
The student to instructor ratio: 4 to 6 student

Intermediate level with more than 2 or 3 weeks of experience

  • Safety rules
  • Surf break functioning
  • Spot analysis
  • Paddling techniques
  • Turtle/Eskimo roll
  • How to catch a green wave
  • Applying basic techniques to green waves
  • Angle takes off
  • Surfing etiquette

Plenty of practice, complemented by all the theory and safety that you need to become a responsible and competent surfer. The board you are allocated will be determined by the instructor.

Lesson format: Not as strict as the beginner level, we’ll try to get you in the water when it’s good and do the theory before, after, or in between the surf sessions. Board, wetsuit, lunch, and transport included during the lesson.
The student-to-instructor ratio: 4 to 6 student
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