Surf & Yoga in Morocco – yoga for surfers

You are searching for surf & Yoga in Morocco ? Here is the place to be !

Salute the sun while sunrise on our seaview terrace or relax after surfing during our sunset Yoga classes! Our Pro Surf & Yoga retreat will provide you expertly designed Yoga sequences that perfectly complement your surf experience at our surf camp in morocco.

When practicing Yoga at our surf camp we improve our strength, stability, sense of balance and physical flexibility. The smooth flow from one asana (Yoga pose) into another during „Vinyasa-Yoga“ helps to increase the „flow“ of our physical movement. All this strongly benefits surfers! Calm and steady breathing helps us to stay focused and to do asanas with greatest awareness and attentiveness. Thus, this Yoga session perfectly combines physical strength and mental relaxation. For further information about ” Yoga For surfers

We are pleased to offer morning and evening classes of yoga to all of our guests.  Classes are 1 hour long with a mixture of classical Hatha and yin poses, a great way to ease into your day, or unwind at the end. Classes are suited to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Here at pro Surf we give our guests the option of morning and evening yoga classes. It’s a great way to warm up for your day or to relax in the evening. Classes are a mixture of classical Hatha and Yin style relaxing yoga, they are simple so beginners and regular yogis will both benefit and learn something new.