Taste Moroccan Cuisine – The Pro Surf Morocco Family – Surfcamp. During your stay, it’ s a pleasure for us, to give you a taste of the moroccan cuisine.

We start into our surfday with a simple but tasteful breakfast, where we offer you fresh fruits, omelettes, morrocan „Nutella“ and pancakes wich are made after a familyrecipe from Brahim.

After the first hours of surfing you will get a lunch at the beach. You will get in the taste of traditional morrocan sandwiches, fish and different ways of tajine that you will cook by yourself with a ocean view.

Our lovely Karima will make you the best traditional dinner that you can imagine.

She uses different spieces to create a fantastic chicken or vegetarian tajine, also really tasteful the different fishes from the coast. Somedays they will get cooked in the tajine or we make a barbecue with you on our rooftop terrace and enjoy the moroccan sunsets. 

You will also get in the taste of salads and other Specialties. 

We also care about the quality of our food and when ever it’s possible we support our local shops and farmers. So we take you on wednesday to our camp shopping to the local souk. The place is close to our home spots, Km12 and Banana Beach. After the shopping you can go to another surf session.

Somedays we take you out to the best restaurants around Tamraght. For another tasteful tajine we go to Aourir. To enjoy the international cuisine we take you to the little surfer village Taghazout. The first thing that everyone recognize is the tourism in the city. You will get tasteful burgers and pizza in the restaurant called „La Paix“. While waiting you can also explore the little surfshops and buy some souvenirs.