Surfing Lessons Morocco

Surfing Lessons Morocco Learn to surf or improve your skills If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfers,this is your opportunity to learn how to surf in 5 days!

Surf lessons are intended for anyone who wants to try the first surf experience and their first waves in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Learn To Surf Package
Surfing Lessons Morocco,Learn to surf or improve your skills in our surfcamp If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfers choose the best Pro Surf Morocco

Beginners and intermediate classes

Surf lessons are intended for anyone who wants to try the first surf experience and their first waves in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Our experienced surf instructors at Pro Surf Morocco team are here to help everyone find their feet and ride their first waves.

and we guarantee safe learning with a focus on fun! Every lesson is daily programmed according to your surf level and weather conditions and forecast Our team will make sure that you’ll find the best swell conditions to
your surfing needs and level beginners to intermediate surfers Every student has own place for surf surfing
with different surf spots from beach breaks to friendly reef breaks endless right handers left handers to surf this first green waves there’s always a safe place for beginners.

waves for everyone

Total fun guaranteed! If this is the right pack for you, now choose your option and book your next flight and visit your home far away from home
  it’s never  late to start surfing or learn to surf in Morocco beautiful  country full of friendly waves and beautiful beaches for solo travelers with friends couples or Let your kids convince you and you’ll get an unforgettable yoga and surfing experience


There are different surfboards for different surfing levels from beginners to advanced surfers

Beginners are recommended to start on a soft board with size 8:0 feet or longboard. It provides you with all the stability needed in paddling, catching waves and most of all

balance and have this first turns in your life

Choose Your Level

Intermediate surfers can opt from a much wider range of options including the traditional short boards, fish surfboards and fun boards.
It’s always good to experiment several of them before you decide which one to take our surf equipment are made from Torq from europe suitable your level with different tails all equipment is included an
our instructors know exactly the kind of board and wetsuit to give you according to your skills and weather conditions.
Your height will determine the length of your surfboard.
For a beginner the rule is to go for a surfboard that is about 1 foot longer than your height.
As you become more experienced with catching waves and standing up on your surfboard,
you will feel like reduction in length.

This will provide you with an easier surfboard to manoeuvre allowing you to begin learning how to carve along the wave face.