Moroccan Soul Surfer. after An amazing trip to Suisse… … filled with good food, amazing landscapes and warm, kind people and open culture.

The past seven days I had the possibility to explore another European country besides Germany. First I want to thank my good friend Michael Baumberger and all his friends and family for the warm welcome at the airport. That was the moment I realized that my adventure has begun. He told me before that he already planned a lot of activities to make my stay unforgettable but I didn’t aspect that it will be so great!



The first day I chilled in the city and the second day we went hiking in a secret place, not far away from the beautiful, green city Bern. After the two hours of hiking we had a panorama view over the valley and the lake, we end the adventure perfectly with paragliding in the sunset. Later we explored the nightlife of Bern and met a lot of open, friendly, and adorable people and Michael friends and brothers.

The next days we went on climbing, boat trips, rafting tours and for me a really new experience: the river surfing. The water was even colder then the Atlantic ocean and the way to surf is so difficult as what I have known before as a surfer.

I just can say I’m totally in love with this beautiful small country in the Alps. I couldn’t get enough of the magical places. I forget everything that was on my mind. I can only give you the advice to visit this country when you ever get the possibility, you won’t regret it!

With a new energy and a backpack filled with thousands of memories, I’m now on my way back home to Morocco and still thinking about the next trip to see more of great Switzerland and to see my brothers and friends Inchalah.