Surf camp and school Story & Agadir Taghazout & Pro Surf Morocco

From small beginnings back in 2013 when company founders professional surfer Brahim Habib Allah and business partner Sandra Möller found the perfect location to share their passion with others,

Pro Surf Morocco has now taught hundreds of surfers of all nationalities, abilities and backgrounds. Moving to accommodation in the hills of Tamraght in the spring of 2016, the surf camp now offers a gorgeous ocean view,

delicious home cooked food and world class surf coaching for all capabilities. From absolute beginners to seasoned surfers, our guides will provide you with the tips, skills and knowledge to take your paddling to the next level. Whilst one of our priorities is to help you fall in love with the sport of surfing, Pro Surf Morocco prides itself on creating a home away from home that you will want to visit time and time again. After a full day of surfing, our camp provides relaxation areas,

daily home cooked food and terraces with stunning starry night sky views. Our terraces also provide the ideal location for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions, the perfect way to unwind and relax. Now in our 4th year of business,

we are seeing guests return year on year, coming back to the camp as old friends and experiencing the joy that is catching the perfect green atlantic wave. To find out more information please see our website at or contact us via email or on messenger.

Surf school Morocco with Pro Surf Morocco

Surf school Morocco

The typical day of surf coaching with Pro Surf Morocco Crews

Surf School Morocco. Offers minimum 2 surf sessions or a big one a day if we leave earlier in the morning to get the best conditions (roughly 6 hours a day). During the first surf session at our surf school  our surf instructors will explain surf theory and will join you in the water for a 2-hours surf lessons in morocco

intermediate and advanced

For intermediate and advanced surfers we have separate group & guiding. Each group is 4-5 pers. max.Our best-skilled surfers have the chance to go to empty line up early in the morning to get to some perfect waves and more advanced surf spots, separately from the beginner’s group.

This all depends on the group levels and conditions. There is a daily opportunity to go for an early morning session to start the day with and go for a second session in the afternoon, maximizing your surf skills as you never done before.

Start Day Trip

We leave from the surf Camp to our surf school at 09:00 to take you to the most suitable surf spot. Because the surf conditions vary from day to day in Morocco , our surf instructors will choose an appropriate surf spot every morning. A final decision will be made last minute using the surf forecast and a surf spot check.

Surf lessons will strictly be taught at surf breaks that are suitable for Beginners and intermediate surfers between 12:00 and 14:00 you’ll get a fresh, handmade, packed lunch and fruits on the beach, to fill up new energy for the following free surfing session.

Free surfing session

The next surfing session is the guided Freesurf session which starts from in between 14:30 and 15:30. During this free session, your surf coach analyses your moves to give you efficient feedbacks for the next day.

We’re heading back to the surf camp by the end of the afternoon. Then you can take an optional Yoga courses at the sunset (also possible on the sunrise) or take free time to relax in one of our terraces.

Surf school Morocco

At about 20:00, you’ll relax yourself with a traditional dinner made by our chief karima Habiballah, contemplating the beautiful moroccan sunsets from our roof top. It’s the Perfect end of the day in Morocco to dream about the next one, which will be full of nice waves and barrels.

If you feel tired one day, you can go for another activity on your day off, make your trip, or just relax in our beautiful sea view surf camp terraces.

Great Active Stay & Hamburg Gran Canarias Irlands & i wish you were there

Dear Carina I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your kindness in letting me staying at your home when I was in Germany hamburg And also for your help with the visa. It was a delight to see a loving family interact and enjoy each other’s company. It showed me how a family can be close in spite of everyday pressures.have created a great home atmosphere for me.

Boris and Cindy thank you for picking me up from airport and for the delicious Asians and Turkish dinner at your place in first evening of ramadan that was so nice from your guys I enjoy visiting the city with you every-days with Cindy bike and the organization for the active days to see and creat Great moment swimming and taekwondo with your group its was nice experience for me to try some new sports for the first time it’s great feeling 😊

3 time in Hamburg and 2 time in Crossfit Athlevo with me brother and friend @kevin and torben why I full in love with the gym and the coaches and fellow members make you feel welcome from the first minute. Everyone never hesitates to speak English to the expats and trainings are even bilingual for the benefit of the English speakers.

The coaches are precise, patient and are there to make sure that exercises are performed correctly.

This box stands out because fellow crossfitters encourage and motivate each other to perform to the best of their abilities.

Thank you for making Crossfit fun, fabulous and best of all… Making me fitter!

Love these guys and I can’t wait for the next visit Inchalah �

I would really like for all of you to come on vacation to morocco I have open doors we would like to meet you all. Thank you for taking the trouble to help me I do appreciated everything manny thanks for your assistance.

Soul Moroccan Surfer

Moroccan Soul Surfer | Adventure Swiss beauty | Culture of Kindness

Moroccan Soul Surfer. after An amazing trip to Suisse… … filled with good food, amazing landscapes and warm, kind people and open culture.

The past seven days I had the possibility to explore another European country besides Germany. First I want to thank my good friend Michael Baumberger and all his friends and family for the warm welcome at the airport. That was the moment I realized that my adventure has begun. He told me before that he already planned a lot of activities to make my stay unforgettable but I didn’t aspect that it will be so great!



The first day I chilled in the city and the second day we went hiking in a secret place, not far away from the beautiful, green city Bern. After the two hours of hiking we had a panorama view over the valley and the lake, we end the adventure perfectly with paragliding in the sunset. Later we explored the nightlife of Bern and met a lot of open, friendly, and adorable people and Michael friends and brothers.

The next days we went on climbing, boat trips, rafting tours and for me a really new experience: the river surfing. The water was even colder then the Atlantic ocean and the way to surf is so difficult as what I have known before as a surfer.

I just can say I’m totally in love with this beautiful small country in the Alps. I couldn’t get enough of the magical places. I forget everything that was on my mind. I can only give you the advice to visit this country when you ever get the possibility, you won’t regret it!

With a new energy and a backpack filled with thousands of memories, I’m now on my way back home to Morocco and still thinking about the next trip to see more of great Switzerland and to see my brothers and friends Inchalah.


Pro Surf School Morocco - Learn To Surf - beginners and intermediate Level

Pro Surf School Morocco. How does your stay at Pro Surf looks like? Continue reading…

After the delicious breakfast our team will make the car ready, with the surfboards on the roof, and the Wetsuits in the back, to start into a new surf day. When we are on the road, we choose the perfect surf spot. Sometimes it will be the beach in front of the Surfcamp, with the spots Devils Rock, Imourane and Km17 and sometimes we drive further to find the perfect waves.

Arrived at the beach, we start with our warm-up and stretching. After that, the teachers will explain to you something about surfing. You will practice in the sand how to stand up and have the perfect position on your board. If that’s going well, you are ready to jump into the water and start catching your first white water waves.


The Surf Instructor will push you in the wave and give you useful tips.

You will learn how to recognize the best waves, how to paddle and best for last, to ride the wave. In the first two hours of surf coaching the team will make some pictures of your surfing. Back in the Surfcamp, we will analyze your position on the surfboard.

When the first surf session is finished, the lunch is ready to be eaten. You can enjoy your lunch in the sun and relax on the beach after a good Moroccan tea.

The second surf session of the stay starts after your lunch break. It is a free surf but doesn’t worry,  the Surf instructor will come with you to the beach and give you some tips from the outside. Around four o’clock we start packing our stuff and then its time to go home! On somedays, we enjoy a juice in Aourir before heading home.

Taste Moroccan Cuisine - The Pro Surf Morocco Family - Surfcamp

Taste Moroccan Cuisine – The Pro Surf Morocco Family – Surfcamp. During your stay, it’ s a pleasure for us, to give you a taste of the moroccan cuisine.

We start into our surfday with a simple but tasteful breakfast, where we offer you fresh fruits, omelettes, morrocan „Nutella“ and pancakes wich are made after a familyrecipe from Brahim.

After the first hours of surfing you will get a lunch at the beach. You will get in the taste of traditional morrocan sandwiches, fish and different ways of tajine that you will cook by yourself with a ocean view.

Our lovely Karima will make you the best traditional dinner that you can imagine.

She uses different spieces to create a fantastic chicken or vegetarian tajine, also really tasteful the different fishes from the coast. Somedays they will get cooked in the tajine or we make a barbecue with you on our rooftop terrace and enjoy the moroccan sunsets. 

You will also get in the taste of salads and other Specialties. 

We also care about the quality of our food and when ever it’s possible we support our local shops and farmers. So we take you on wednesday to our camp shopping to the local souk. The place is close to our home spots, Km12 and Banana Beach. After the shopping you can go to another surf session.

Somedays we take you out to the best restaurants around Tamraght. For another tasteful tajine we go to Aourir. To enjoy the international cuisine we take you to the little surfer village Taghazout. The first thing that everyone recognize is the tourism in the city. You will get tasteful burgers and pizza in the restaurant called „La Paix“. While waiting you can also explore the little surfshops and buy some souvenirs.

Surf Camp and Yoga & Pro Surf Morocco & Yoga surf camp

Surf Camp and Yoga. The Atlantic Ocean is scattered with beautiful beaches and we luckily get 300 sunny days a year. The Moroccan coast has almost always perfect waves, for all levels of surfers. Paradise 12 months a year! Pro Surf Morocco Yoga & Surf Camp is nestled just behind Taghazout Bay.

Our camp is located in Tamraght, a small, quiet surf-village with a few small shops, bakeries and cafés. Imagine surfing the best spots then chilling on our rooftop with panoramic ocean views and enjoying home-cooked traditional Moroccan tagine and BBQ’s by the fire.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Pro Surf Morocco can guarantee you an easy and comfortable stay, meeting all your expectations. Come and join us for an unforgettable experience!
The Camp is surrounded by spots like K11, K12, Banana Point and Devil’s Rock. Other well-known spots such as Anchor Point, Killer Point and Hashpoint are just a few minutes away. The large number of surfspots make it easy to find the perfect wave for every surfer. With 300 sunny days a year, almost always perfect waves of the Atlantic Ocean and a lot of beautiful beaches Morocco is a perfect holiday destination throughout the whole year.



Lernen Surfen In Marokko . Nach einer erholsamen Nacht, startet der Tag, je nach Surfbedingungen, zur besten Zeit. Unser Team wird das Surfequipment vorbeireiten und die Surfbretter auf die Autos verladen.


Nachdem wir unterwegs sind werden wir den perfekten Spot für den Tag ansteuern.

Dieses wird manchmal der Spot in der Nähe des Surfhaus sein, manchmal werden wir einen weiteren Weg fahren um die Wellen des Tages zu finden. Am Strand angekommen machen wir zunächst ein Aufwärmprogramm und Stretching.

Anschließend erklären unsere Surflehrer alles über das Surfen das du wissen musst. Du wirst zunächst im Sand üben wie man auf einen Surfbrett steht und dort die perfekte Position findet.

Nachdem diese ersten Schritte an Land funktionieren, bist du bereit die erste echte Welle zu reiten. Du bekommst 2 Stunden intensiven Surfunterricht, in denen die Surflehrer dir helfen die Wellen zu bekommen und dir viele nützliche Tipps geben. Du wirst lernen die besten Wellen zu erkennen, wie du die Wellen anpaddelst und das Beste zum Schluss – Wie man die Wellen reitet.

In der Zwischenzeit werden wir Fotos vom Surfen machen. Zurück im Surfhaus analysieren wir die Fotos damit du am nächsten Tag weißt was du verbessern kannst. Wenn der Surfunterricht vorbei ist, ist das Mittagessen bereit. Dieses kannst du in der Sonne am Strand genießen und dabei entspannen. Nach der Mittagspause startet der zweite Teil deines Surfunterrichts.

Dieser Teil bedeutet freies Surfen, aber du wirst natürlich nicht allein gelassen. Unsere Surflehrer werden vom Land aus auf dich aufpassen und dir weiter Tipps geben um dein Surfen zu verbessern.

Gegen 4 Uhr ist der Surftag beendet, wir packen unsere Sachen ein und verlassen den Strand.

Ripcurl Africa tour 2014 - Brahim habib allah - Pro Surf Morocco

Ripcurl Africa tour 2014,The spot of Viviers, on the peninsula Almadies (Dakar), welcomed the competitors the Rip Curl West Africa Tour in very good conditions. Waves 1 meter, right and left, offered an ideal playground for the young Gadiri Brahim Habib Allah. For its first participation in an international competition, Brahim posted a very good performance. A Power full turns committed, he qualified for the finals and won second place behind local Cherif Fall! Posted in Senegal by its sponsor Rip Curl Morocco, Brahim proudly represented Morocco ... can be the beginning of an international career!

The surprise of the weekend came from Adnane Benslimane who joined the Senegal drive as part of its Bodyboard Road Trip! Registered at the last minute to bodyboard competition, he also reached the final and finished second behind Senegal Aymeric Senghor.

Very nice performance of Moroccan Rip Curl to West Africa Tour. Cherif Fall, winner of the surfing competition, in receipt of an early professional contract with Rip Curl. This is further proof of the importance that this competition takes and commitment of the organizers for the development of these sports to Senegal. It is also a good example of African cooperation, an example to follow and develop as much as possible!

Surfing Trip Morocco - Corey Wilson - Dillon Perillo

Camels. For Corey Wilson, last winter’s trip to Morocco was all about the camels. He’d photograph them. He’d ride them. If we saw a bunch of camels on the side of the road he’d ask the driver to stop so he could take more pictures. He giggled every time he saw one. The trip was also about goats. Specifically, goats in trees. (Seriously, that’s a thing in Morocco.) They climb the argan trees and eat the fruit and when they shit out the seeds the local people collect them and grind them into argan oil. It’s a fun fact that Corey didn’t learn about because he was busy giggling and taking pictures when our guide explained this. The trip was also about cats, for Corey. But that’s nothing new. Shooting surfing just is a side gig. His bread and butter is working on a coffee table book project called, “Cats of the World” [working title].

Corey photographed humans in Morocco, too. One of his favorite subjects joined us on this trip, fellow cat-lover Dillon Perillo. Dillon’s surfing was tailor-made for the long rights of Morocco. And while Royal Air Morocco lost Corey’s tripod for the first half of the trip, he got creative and used everything from rocks to cars to my shoulder to stabilize his lens and make Dillon look as good as possible. (As if he needs any help.) —Taylor Paul

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